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Dix Metals is a full-service Aluminum Plate and Stainless Steel Distributor

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DIX Metals
14801 Able Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 e-mail
(800) 477-4349 F: (714) 677-0800 Map

DIX Metals is a full-service stainless steel distributor and services provider.
In addition to offering 6061 aluminum plate and other materials, our services include
precision material removal processes and cutting such as Blanchard grinding,
double-disc grinding, duplex milling, waterjet cutting and others all dedicated to the preparation of precision, made-to-order metal blanks.

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding machines are used for standard surface grinding of large and small plates, with heavy stock removal rates for all magnetic materials

6061 Aluminum Plate

DIX works extensively with 6061 aluminum plate. We purchase 6061 aluminum plate in
huge quantities and pass the savings to you, helping ensure that using DIX Metals will
always be cost-effective.

Double-Disc Grinding
This process involves efficient material removal from opposing planes. DIX Metals is
capable of consistently achieving flat and parallel tolerances to .001 and finishes to 16Ra.

Duplex Milling
This process, also referred to as twin milling, is used in applications requiring six-sided flat, square and parallel tolerances to .001.

Precision Sawing
DIX Metals offers several methods of precision sawing, each intended for specific types
of materials and configurations. DIX Metals provides anything from precision sawing of aluminum plate up to 12 inches thick to cut-off services of aluminum extrusions, bar,
and round stock up to 6 inches in diameter

Precision Plate Sawing / Horizontal Band Sawing / Vertical Band Sawing

Flattening and Surface Improvement
DIX Metals offers flattening services for stock aluminum plate up to 1 inch in thickness.
For surface improvement, technicians use timesavers to apply a brush finish on materials
to 16Ra.

Waterjet Cutting
Dynamic Waterjet with Active Tolerance Control produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cutting speeds than parts cut with a conventional waterjet. This patent-pending system utilizes a newly-developed advanced motion system that incorporates unique mathematical cutting models, which control a small, articulated wrist that is attached to the cutting head. The wrist allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction, compensating for the stream lag and taper experienced with conventional waterjet cutting machines.
3 - Omax 55100 With the Latest Intelli-MAX Software, Travel 55" x 100"
2 - Flow 20XWD 100HP Dual ESL Intensifier Pumps, 60KSI

For more information call (800) 477-4349 or visit our website

Primary Capabilities:
Blanchard Grinding
Double-Disc Grinding
Duplex Milling
Precision Sawing
Flattening Improvement

Full-Service Distributor

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
fax drawings Word, Excel, DXF
and IGES file
Attachments are acceptable.


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DIX Metals prides itself on customer service and promises a 24-hour response time on your quote. Many quotes can be returned the same working day.

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