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AWC - Advanced Waterjet Cutting, Inc.
2825 Reward Lane
Dallas, TX 75220
(214) 358-2194 (800) 677-4246 F: (214) 358-0212
Serving the industry since 1987

About Us:
Advanced Waterjet Cutting has assisted hundreds of machine shops, fabricators,
manufacturers, sheet metal shops and other industry types by expanding their
capabilities with the utilization of waterjet technology. We give further assistance
by supplying enormous cutting capacity (in both material size and piece part volume),
and we maintain stock on a wide variety of material types and thicknesses
(e.g. stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, rubber plastic, glass, etc.). Additionally,
we can furnish secondary and turnkey operations when necessary to meet the
customer's needs

We can honestly say that few, if any, customers who have utilized the benefits of
waterjet cutting, as performed by Advanced Waterjet, will ever return to the old
way of doing things.

Some of the materials we work with:
Stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, rubber plastic, glass, etc.

Industries Served:

Oil , Aerospace, Medical, Architectural. Tile, Marble and Stone,
Security, Sign Makers, Furniture Makers, Tool and Die Makers,
Machine Shops. Sheet Metal Shops

"Many clients are saving money using waterjet cutting as an alternative to laser,
plasma, and oxyfuel…Are you?

For more information or quote call (800) 677-4246 or visit our website

Primary Capabilities:
Waterjet Services

Special Business Status:

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
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Chamber Of Commerce - Midland Texas

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